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Horizon scanning methodology

An important question for horizon scanning is how to use it to effect real change. At the CfWI, we have developed a research framework that can help you to carry out horizon scanning for health and social care workforce planning in your organisations.

Horizon scanning at the CfWI follows a five-stage process:


At every stage, from the development of our online horizon scanning system, to gathering the main ideas affecting health and social care workforce planning, to quality assurance of our results, we are firmly committed to stakeholder engagement.

We work with a wide range of stakeholders across health, social care and public health, from senior leaders and workforce planners to patients, people who use services and those responsible for delivering services.

We have developed three stakeholder groups to advise on horizon scanning:

  • the steering group, which will ensure our strategic direction meets the needs of leaders, planners and service deliverers
  • the methodology group, which will ensure our methodology for horizon scanning is robust and will involve members of the wider horizon scanning community (e.g. Defra, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Foresight (BIS))
  • the reference group, which will ensure that our horizon scanning is fit for purpose for healthcare, social care and public health, and which will provide us with high-quality information to contribute to our horizon scanning work.