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About horizon scanning

Horizon scanning is the exploration of potential challenges, opportunities, and likely future developments. Our horizon scanning vision at the CfWI is to generate high-quality intelligence to inform long-range workforce planning that meets the needs of patients and people who use services.

Horizon scanning is the first stage of the CfWI’s robust workforce planning framework. The output from horizon scanning is used to inform the scenario generation stage, where plausible future scenarios are created to inform strategic planning.

Our approach is to work 'back from the future'. We first think about what health and social care may look like in the future, including the workforce needed to provide it. We then test potential policies to deliver the required workforce across a range of scenarios, using high-quality intelligence to inform robust decisions that recognise the uncertainty of the future. We provide intelligence to:

  • influence workforce policy to anticipate possible future developments
  • ensure security of workforce supply
  • increase value in the health and social care system
  • improve quality of care by planning for a sustainable workforce that meets the health and social care demands of the population
  • improve the efficiency and productivity of the workforce.

This website is a forum for gathering new ideas and information and spreading best practice drawn from national and international experience. The horizon scanning work at the CfWI is part of our wider programme to improve the quality of health and social care workforce intelligence. Horizon scanning sits alongside our work in scenario generation and workforce modelling, which together aim to make workforce planning better informed by long-term considerations.