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Horizon scanning publications

Take a look at some recent horizon scanning publications. To see more CfWI horizon scanning material, please visit the CfWI publications page.

Elicitation methods: Updated approaches to elicitation

Elicitation methods: Updated approaches to elicitation addresses improvements to the current elicitation process used by the Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI). As part of the ongoing improvement and refinement to the Robust Workforce Planning Framework (RWPF), we...

Published: Nov 2015

Modelling supply, demand and need: A literature review

This is a short review of the literature available on factors to consider when designing a model. It aims to support the modelling process used by the CfWI and its Robust Workforce Planning Framework. Through an extensive review of the literature, the CfWI have reached...

Published: Oct 2015

Horizon 2035 - Future demand for skills: initial results

Horizon 2035 - Future demand for skills: initial results

The Centre for Workforce Intelligence and Horizon Scanning team have published interim findings from Horizon 2035, a key piece of work to help consider how a series of challenges and opportunities may combine in the future and impact the health, public health and social care...

Published: Aug 2015

Long-term NHS expenditure trends and affordability constraints

Commissioned by the Department of Health, this technical paper provides a high-level, exploratory analysis of long-term trends in government healthcare expenditure in the United Kingdom, measured as a proportion of GDP, share of government spending and in real per capita...

Published: Jul 2015

Horizon 2035 scenario: Win-win

This is an overview of the stakeholder-created scenario ‘Win-win’ where, as a result of a very flexible workforce, positive economic conditions, strong engagement of the population in their care and high levels of technology, both the workforce and service...

Published: Mar 2015